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Managing through Confidence

Published on May 6, 2012 by in Management

I’ve been thinking a lot about my experiences with good and bad managers. In my post earlier this week, I proposed that all good leaders posses strength and good communication skills. I realize that some people view strength as the ability to confront their coworkers, bosses and staff. That’s why bosses that scream are bad bosses. The missing component that a bad boss doesn’t truly have is confidence.

A good manager is a confident teacher that can show anyone how to move forward successfully. This confidence allows the manager to be secure with their ideas and never be defensive, but be able to give clear direction (often using some form of confrontation).

For anyone aspiring to be a better manager, walk into your next meeting with the confidence that you can do anything. You’ll find that even when the conversation veers in odd directions, you’ll be able to bring it back on point and not get defensive, instead you’ll show everyone why to follow you.

This may be easier for some people than others, but try it once and let me know how it goes!

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