Starting Over

One of my goals for this year is to manage my personal brand better than I did in 2008.  So to accomplish this goal, I have decided to start blogging for this domain instead of  I have changed my email address to go to and I have changed my twitter account to @jordansalvit.  You’d think I really love my name.

I have also decided to attack this site as a project that I am dedicated to and want to succeed.  I got my feet wet with, but now I am ready to jump into the pool!

As part of this move, I am committing to posting more frequently and talking about more substantive topics.  I will of course rant about an opinion of mine, but I am aiming to make that less frequent.  I have already planned a couple of posts for the coming days and weeks, including one on what I have learned as an ENTJ, another on how twitter and social media has changed the face of marketing and another one on Customer Relationship Management tools that need to adapt to this new social world.

I hope you join me as I start over and continue learning about myself, social media, AI, marketing, the world we live in and of course the people we interact with.

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